This table explains where particular resources are to be found,
by reference to their "Media" value (in column F of the Index).


  Resources are filed depending on the media on which they reside, not their subject matter, as far as practicable in alpha order of Reference-ID.
Maps  that are flat are all in the map-chest, others are on a wide variety of media, including some just as digital resources.  
Photos  can be any variant of book / booklet / paper, as card❋, or as digital resources.  The Photo Deposit images are only indexed in summary.
() and (¥) in the table below are usually optional annotations: see notes at the foot of the table  




book [that is, with no suffix]  awaiting refiling probably in cupboard
book B book with a spine, up to 12" high bottom bookshelf
book C larger book cupb'd w/ sliding doors
book L "Pen and Sword" publications, after review by our Chris Broom — read about the arrangement here  ["@LEIS-LIB"] at Leiston Library
book M book with a spine, up to 10" high middle bookshelf
book T book with a spine, up to 10" high top bookshelf
booklet (  ¥) anything like a thin book but stapled, and/or a book/brochure smaller than say A5: on middle bookshelf, unless ... see ❋ or ¥ below
booklet JH booklet donated by Janet Huckle, in a semi-transparent white A5 ring-binder marked "JH" drawer 5
box a box! drawer 5
card printed card or laminated paper, maybe folded or concertinaed see ❋ below
CD simplifying the former cover-CD/"CvrCD" and "DVD" entries, but ... drawer 5
DVD is now reserved for just video films drawer 5
env () envelope drawer 6 or see ❋ below
fiche(s) packets of fiches aren't marked w/ ref-ID's, but filed in blue plastic fiche-box in order of their printed (not Index) titles away being catalogued
ficheMIEX "Essex Monumental Inscriptions" (and similar Essex) fiches, filed in cardboard box "MIEX ESSEX FICHES (MI's)" away being catalogued
folder includes the former value of "binder"; also includes cardboard pocket-folders, ring binders and spiral binders cupb'd w/ sliding doors
mag magazine drawer 6
mag A5 small magazine: their size usually affects where they may be filed drawer 5
map ( or ¥) map, usually concertinaed and with a ref-ID prefixed "MAP"           [??? what if not ❋ or ¥ ???] see ❋ or ¥ below
map A0 Ordnance Survey 25"/1:2500 County Series Suffolk flat-sheet maps (with ref-ID prefix "O"; see OS 25" maps page) map chest
map A1 Ordnance Survey [25"] 1:2500 National Grid Plan flat-sheet maps                                                   ( ,, ) map chest
map A1.4 OS 6-inch National Grid Plan TL94SE: Boxford (1958) 22" x 26.5” non-standard flat-sheet map ( ,, ) map chest (case BD)
map A1" OS 1”:1 mile Map (7th Series) Index of Large-Scale National Plans (flat-sheets) map chest (case OW)
map A2 Ordnance Survey 6"/1:10,560 or 1:10,000, and [50.688"] 1:1250 flat-sheet maps                           ( ,, ) map chest
paper ƒ multipage document of interest, in ƒolder (w/ same Ref-ID) of other collected papers, correspondence, etc. cupb'd w/ sliding doors
paper a flimsy leaflet or single sheet or (usually) several stapled sheets — filed in ❋CARDS-ETC lever-arch files see ❋ below
papers JP papers donated by John Peters, Nov. 2019 (in plastic folders marked "JP1", "JP2" and "JP3") cupb'd w/ sliding doors
PC & variants digital resources — suffix "A" if on Asus laptop, "D"=Compaq desktop, "M"edion or "S"amsung (often "PCAS") computer-files
... +w3 (appended to any value above) item is also available via Downloads page OR reproduced on dedicated webpage
... +w3+PC as above, BUT ALSO available as a computer-file computer-files
❋ = Delicate items, such as most cards, envelopes and paper (and some booklets) filed alphabetically (by ref-ID) in one of the lever-arch files, marked
AVSFHG CARDS ETC, to protect them from damage — index-entries for these items have an asterisk against Media-type. cupb'd w/ sliding doors
¥ = Booklets and folded maps filed in the ¥ellow-lidded plastic box, in alpha-order: entries have yen-symbol against "Media". drawer 6