—  All the 70 or so Alde Valley communities (including hamlets, and even the uninhabited ones) are listed on our Maps page.  
—  The first three characters of a place-name are unique, except those beginning with ALD,  BEN, CAM, REN and SAX, marked here with a double dagger (‡).  
—  The only other communities with inconsistent abbreviations are those for Blaxhall (BLX), the Glemhams (GGL and LGL), and Westleton (WS):  see below.
—  Abbreviations marked with an asterisk (*) are (or, in some combinations, can be) not unique.  
—  Abbreviations prefixed "PD" relate to digital copies within the Photos Deposit of the Peter Drew Collection, explained on its own webpage.


ALDB/ALB/AL* = Aldeburgh (historically could be spelt "Alburghe") ‡
PDARuuuuu = Aldringham P.Drew photos [w/ 5-char unique ID] ‡
ALDR/ALR/ALT = Aldringham/Aldringham-with-Thorpe ‡
BEN or BN = Benhall ‡
BTW = Bentwaters RAF/USAAF Station 151
BLX = Blaxhall
CAA = Campsea Ashe [but see CAM below] ‡
CAM or CB = Cambridge/Cambs. [of course, not Alde Valley!] ‡
CRA* = Cransford, near Framlingham          but ...
CRAT = Cratfield [not AV: between Halesworth & Laxfield]
FOR = Fordley (within Middleton-cum-Fordley)
FRAM or FRA = Framlingham
PDFRIxxuu = Friston: xx= BH=Blackheath House, CH=Church,
            CQ=Chequers X-roads exc. FG=Forge Corner,
            ML=mill, PO=post office, FRIST=etc.
GGL or GG = Great Glemham
IKE or IK = Iken
K (ref-ID prefix) = Kelsale Archive (see "Element 0", previous page)
KEL or KE = Kelsale/Kelsale-cum-Carlton
PDKNOxxuu = Knodishall: xx= GV=George V Coronation 1911,
            ML=mills, RV=Hundred River, SC=school
LCM = Leiston County Modern School photograph, 1949
LEI or LE or L* = Leiston/L-cum-Sizewell (exc. LCM & LGS schools)
LGL = Little Glemham
LGS = Leiston Grammar School photographs




PDMHAIRFu = Martlesham Heath airfield (outside of AV)
MID or MD* = Middleton/Middleton-cum-Fordley (or FOR)
MIDM or MDM = Middleton Moor
PDORFxxuu = Orford: xx= CA=Castle, CH=Church,
          CM=Cobra Mist, LG=lighthouses, ML=mill
RDH or RD* = Rendham ‡
RDL or RD* = Rendlesham ‡
SAX or SX* = Saxmundham ‡
SAXT or SXT = Saxtead ‡
SXG = Saxtead Green ‡
PDSIZxxuu = Sizewell:  xx= AP=Sizewell A power station,
          BP=Sizewell B power stn, CH=Cliff House,
          DH=Dower Ho, GP=Gap, HL=House/Hall,
          TH=Tea/Ness House, VA=Vulcan Arms,
          WD=Warden's, WR=wrecks incl.'Carmenta',
          XG=Crossing/Halt/sidings, 00=etc.
PDSLAxxuu = Slaughden: xx= 3M="The Three Mariners Inn",
            FE=Ferry, QY=Quay, SLAUG=etc.
THEB/THE/TH* = Theberton
PDTHNuuuu = Thorpeness 1929/30 P.Drew photos
THO = Thorpeness (village) or Thorpe Ness (geog.
  feature)  [and see: Aldringham ...]
WS* = Westleton [can also mean West Suffolk CC]
YOX or YX = Yoxford