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Our attention has been drawn to an FFHS article about the privacy issues surrounding DNA tests, written in May 2017 and which you can read here.  Of course, AncestryDNA's terms and conditions may have changed in the meantime, but you may wish to refer to the FFHS article (and follow the links from it) — and "read the small print" — before you decide whether to use such DNA testing services through Ancestry (or indeed any other organisation).

We understand from its writer that he is planning an update on the whole subject of DNA testing, for circulation to FFHS member societies, and we will make you aware of it in due course.



The Federation publishes a free e-newsletter every two months covering genealogy news, resources and events.  It's a great guide for both beginners and experts, explaining how to grow your family tree and discover your ancestry.  Recent issues have covered a wide range of family-history topics, including how to make the most of DNA in genealogy, to research occupations of your ancestors, and to use archives to uncover your heritage and origins.  Copies are available free to anyone who is interested.  
You can subscribe to the FFHS Newsletter here.


Also, FFHS-NEWS is a 'one-way' mailing list which is used to make announcements from the Federation and to publish information of general interest.  
By contrast with the bi-monthly Newsletter mentioned above, it is sent as and when the news is received.  
You can subscribe to FFHS-NEWS here.


The Federation also publishes free information leaflets which are essential guides to family history research.  
"Our Really Useful Information Leaflet" gives researchers with roots in the British Isles everything they need to grow their family tree.  
There are also Australasian and North American leaflets.
You can find links to these and other leaflets here.

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