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Text in square brackets is just explanatory for Thursday's meeting.

p.0 = Purpose of this version = this page: version control to a compliant standard
p.1 = WHY do we have a Data Privacy Policy? = based mainly on ICO website and Wikipedia with bits from elsewhere. to illustrate our understanding and intention of compliance
p.2 = HOW does the Policy impact AVSFHG and how do we implement it? = our interpretation of WHY
p.3 = WHO does what? = our solution to HOW
p.4 = WHAT promises do we make? = see note at the head of that page

Throughout, extra text is added and paragraph titles reworded to link up with ICO's "preparing-for-the-gdpr-12-steps.pdf" document -- all 12 points are addressed in some way. ]



This document sets out the Data Privacy Policy of the
Alde Valley Suffolk Family History Group (AVSFHG)
in compliance with the
General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

VERSION NUMBER:  0.1 — dated 24th May 2018

☞  If you just wish to view our Data Privacy Policy, without the underlying explanations and compliance structure, jump to here.

PURPOSE OF THIS VERSION:  This draft version is published in readiness for the introduction of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) on 25th May 2018.  It was produced by a specially convened Working Party of three AVSFHG Committee members for publication before that date, but has not yet been authorised by a full meeting of the Committee — hence the zero number of its version.  The intention is that the formally authorised version 1.0 will be published shortly after adoption at a meeting scheduled for 6th June 2018, and incorporating any changes voted for there.

The Policy is based upon guidance produced by Chance Encounters (of Aldringham, Suffolk), East Suffolk Partnership, the Federation of Family History Societies (FFHS), the UK's Information Commissioner's Office (ICO),, Suffolk Family History Society (SFHS) and Wikipedia.

CHANGES IN THIS VERSION:  None — this is the initial published version of the Policy.  Future amendments will carry the next version number if changes are significant, or just an increment of sub-version for minor, typographical, grammar, etc changes.  This is to ensure an audit trail of the evolution of our Policy, as new understandings and requirements for compliance evolve.

PLEASE NOTE: Throughout these GDPR pages, the terms "AVSFHG", "the Group" and (within some quotations) "society" all refer to the Alde Valley Suffolk Family History Group.


WHY do we have a Data Privacy Policy?

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