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For general enquiries, please contact any of our  COMMITTEE MEMBERS  ...


Chair   Diana Mann please address enquiries to the Secretary
Vice-Chair   Henry Mann please address enquiries to the Secretary
Secretary ℹ︎ /Programme Secretary t: 01728 830949
Angela Skelcher e:
  1 Orchard Road, Leiston, Suffolk, IP16 4DB
Treasurer/Webmaster  Steve Stocks e:
bank:  AVS Family History    20-45-45   00744573
Membership Secretary ℹ︎ Pat Carter please visit the Membership page
Research Centre Computers   t: 01728 830113
Terry Davis e:
  45 Aldeburgh Road, Leiston, IP16 4PN
Newsletter Editor ℹ︎ /Publicity ℹ︎ e:
Maggie Strutt Park House Farm, Carlton Road, Carlton,
  Saxmundham, IP17 2QE
e: If you use the email links, you're automatically copied in with your email.
ℹ︎ denotes an ex-officio "information officer" for data privacy purposes.


         ... and the supporting cast  
       Chris  Broom  
  Raymond  Green  
  John  Last  
  Jan  Lovell         e:
  John  Martin         e:


The next Committee Meeting  will take place on Wednesday, 25th July at two o'clock.


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